Nordic Loungestol Eg | Remix 2 Full

Nordic Loungestol Eg | Remix 2 Full

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Massivt træ og kvalitetsstof 

Lounge chair in oak with remix fabricDanish designed lounge chair in oak with fabric upholstery

Sculptural lounge chair in classic Danish design in many beautiful colors

Just sit down. Feel the comfort. Let your hands slip over the fabric and the massive oak. Lean back. Enjoy a quiet moment in a hectic everyday life. The SACKit Nordic lounge chair is the epitome of comfort, quality materials, beautiful details and not least delicious Danish design.

The best quality materials and careful craftsmanship

When you get the SACKit Nordic lounge chair in your hands, you clearly notice the thorough craftsmanship. Although the wood is processed on machines, each piece of furniture has been in the hands of a cabinetmaker, where it has been reworked by hand. The light oak is treated with a matt lacquer that lets the wood's fine structure and light color appear. The treatment makes the frame very resistant to stains and dirt.

The chair is cushioned in Denmark in the hands of the country's most skilled craftsmen to ensure a sublime result. On the fully upholstered model, there is fabric on the entire seat, so you can really enjoy the beautiful fabric.

loungechair oak remix backThe chair is upholstered with Remix 2 fabric from Danish Kvadrat. Remix 2 consists of 90% wool and 10% nylon. This blend gives you a material that is super comfortable, durable and dirt resistant. The fabric has an enormously beautiful structure that creates life and character in any decor. Remix 2 from Danish Kvadrat is a sustainable fabric, which is labeled with the EU ecolabel "The Flower".

Danish design

You don't have to look any further. SACKit Nordic lounge chair is the chair for you, who will enjoy the ultimate everyday luxury. The experience starts already when you first let your eyes explore the many details of the chair. You will immediately notice how circled for both design and craftsmanship.

The SACKit Nordic series is a natural part of the SACKit range with its quiet design language and the carefully selected quality materials. The renowned Aalborg design duo Steffensen & Würtz is behind the design, which is inspired by our existing lounge and audio products.

Steffensen & Würtz about the design:
“Our starting point has been to create a furniture series for SACKit, which has a clear reference to the existing products. The series has a simple and elegant expression with both edge and dynamics. The furniture is quiet and comfortable for the eye. The detail of the design has been very important to us. The closer to the furniture you are, the more details you will notice. So there is good opportunity to go exploring. ”Let the SACKit Nordic lounge chair add a light, Nordic expression to your interior.

Danish design Designed in Denmark

SACKit Nordic Lounge chair comes directly into the Danish design tradition. With an elegant idiom, clean lines and detailed details, it has a style that fits perfectly into the modern decor.

kombinerbar Kombinérbar

With the SACKit Nordic Lounge chair you get almost endless combinations. The frame is available in solid oak or black stained beech, and the cover can be selected in numerous colors of fabric or leather. Combine the materials to match your style!

comfortable Comfortable

SACKit Nordic Lounge chair is created with an eye for good design. With a great focus on a nice and elegant look and optimal seating comfort, the lounge chair is not only wonderful to look at, but also wonderful to sit in. Sit down well and feel the joy of a quality furniture that can be experienced with all senses.

timeless timeless

SACKit Nordic Lounge chair is the perfect chair for those who want a design furniture that lasts for years without going fashion. With durable fabric from Kvadrat, quality leather from Danish Sørensen Leather and solid wood, you get a timeless combination of exclusive Danish design and highest quality.
lounge chair remix oak details

EU ecolabelProdukt specifikationer

  • Produktmål: Højde: 86,5cm x brede: 62cm x dybde: 77cm x siddehøjde: 39cm
  • Stel: Fremstillet i massivt egetræ behandlet med mat lak
  • Polstring: Remix 2 stof fra danske Kvadrat; 90% uld, 10% nylon
  • Vægt: ca. 10 kg
  • Bemærk: Da loungestolen er fremstillet i et naturmateriale, vil hver enkelt stel være unikt. De vil naturligt variere i farve og træstruktur. Der kan forekomme knaster som en naturlig del af træet

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Stel: Stolens stel rengøres let med en fugtig klud, eventuelt tilsat lidt opvaskemiddel. Vær opmærksom på ikke at udsætte træet for store mængder vand eller kemikalieholdige rengøringsmidler, da det kan tage skade af dette.

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